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A Strong Companionship With 1000+ Subagents For Europe Education

With the vision of top-notch service and powerful partnership, istarimmigration  believes in collaborating with diverse consultants to help their students for fulfilling the dream of European education. From the partner portal to access marketing material, istarimmigration  prides itself on its collaboration. Our dedicated partner tool helps to access the top marketing material and details of universities.

Europe: Through Our Lenses

Studying in Europe is not just confined to the four walls of the classroom. It is a much broader experience that leaves study abroad aspirants with a wiser and more mature version of themselves. Europe is known for its remarkable capacity to expand the students’ academic, cultural, and professional growth. Study abroad aspirants are exposed to numerous accredited programmes in a globally elite set of universities. On top of that, European universities serve as the model bridge for students to take their careers to the international side.

Take Your Business To The Next Level - Be Our Channel Partner

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Our Partner Program is one of a kind and the very best in the industry. As one of the best Europe education consultants in India, we ensure that our channel partner program is flexible and easy to join. It is delivered through our team of Dedicated Channel Relationship Managers who will assist you and guide you through the entire process. Our system ensures that even with our wide network of 1000+ partners, each partner gets the support they require, always!

Our team works closely with each of our Partners to know their students and their requirements so that we can support you better at each step of the process.


As our Partner, we will assist you in identifying growth opportunities – both in terms of increasing your student base as well as increasing your profit. Being one of the best education consultants in India, we will help you to achieve these objectives. As our partner, you will get the benefit of attractive profit margins as well as incentives from our exclusive Partner Benefit Program.

Our team will work with you constantly, provide regular training and keep you updated about the application processes and other relevant documentation updates. Our priority is to enable your sales and student counsellor teams to serve students’ needs with 100% satisfaction.

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